Changes in licensing valid from the 6th March 2017

Social networks

Now you can place Fotky&Foto photos place also on Facebook and other social networks, for illustrative purposes. To confirm the copyright of the author we recommend to use copyright label AuthorName@Fotky&Foto


All Royalty photos (RF) can be alse used for creating the logos or trademarks. Only with the restriction that the logo can not be registered as an official trademark.

Promotional products, free products

If you are creating a work with photo that plays on the product "major role" you must purchase a license X, even if it is a free product or a promotional product. The definition of "major" and "minor" role of photograph and also other instruction when to use Standard or Extended license can be found in the info center on page Standard x Extended.

Referring of a license to the client

If you are creating custom graphics and you buy basic license, you can sell the photo to one of your client as part of the created graphic work. It is not more possible to transfer the entire license to your client. If you want to buy licenses so that they can use the license fully in their other projects, take advantage of our sub-accounts in which you download licenses on behalf of your clients. More information More info.

Maximum resolution for digital media

Newly the maximum resolution of photos on digital medias is not given by a specific number, but can not exceed the expected resolution of the device.

All information on licensing and use of the photo can be found in our information center in the section RF licenseseref.

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